Is medical spend out of control?


The National Health Expenditure grew 3.9% to $3.5 trillion, or $10,739 per person in 2017, and is expected to reach nearly $6.0 trillion by 2027.


Let our combined 100+ years of serving employers help you change your trend.


 We identify MEDICAL SPEND WASTE, REDUCE WASTE, and HELP GUIDE companies to reinvest into services that improve the health of their population.

Educate on Smarter Options

Doctor A:

Better Patient Outcomes

Less Expensive

We help your employees find the right service for their needs.


                    MRI A:                       MRI B:

COST             $3,300                       $300

DISTANCE     8 miles                       9 Miles

      $$$$                           $                     


                         Urgent Care

                         Primary Care Visit

Prompt Positive Changes

  • Overcome gaps in care

  • Pay for effective programs

  • Avoid tests for a differential diagnosis when the treatment is the same

  • Make your unhealthy employees healthier

  • Help employees with chronic conditions to better manage their care

Assist in Proper Utilization​


Preventive Exams





Monitor Vendor Success

General Wellness

Direct Primary Care

Diabetes Management


Weight Management

Mental Health

Case Management

Financial Wellness

Once the data is fully integrated, Vital Incite uses the Johns Hopkins ACG System, that predicts an individual's health over time, normalizes data, and provides deeper insight.

Data can be used to retroactively look at what happened and examine why, or it can be used to create better outcomes.

“Check out one of their evidence-based case studies here: “



It has been well documented that at least 30% of medical spend is completely wasted.     Source:  Vital Incite

Based on the National Health Expenditure of $3.5 trillion ($10,739 per person),

what does 30% of $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person look like in dollars?


30% of $3.5 Trillion = $1.05 Trillion


30% of $10,739 = $3,221.70


30% of (475 members x $10,739) = $1,530,307.50


Vital Incite’s data analytic engine

teamed up with proactive outreach to plan participants

will help reduce healthcare spend over time.

Find where the medical spend waste exists, drill down to find the root cause, develop solutions to reduce the waste, then reinvest in the resources that improve the health of each of our client’s populations.  Therefore, creating a healthier workforce today and decreasing the dependence on the healthcare system in the future.

 Health Coaching​ Services:



Wellness Dashboard

Animated Wellness Training (videos)

Our focus is to make each employee healthier by limiting waste, focusing on needs, and coaching individuals to be their advocate.

Benefits Training​ Services:



Benefits Dashboard

Animated Benefits Training (videos)

We train and educate companies on how to use their benefits better. Our employee-friendly communication pathways help everyone to be smarter consumers.