Why should you explore wellness with us?

We proactively coach everyone to be their health specialist via training on valuable benefits and how to overcome challenges that prevent SMART decision making by mapping pathways to success. 

Wellness Training




Wellness Dashboard

Animated Wellness Training (videos)

Our focus is to make each employee healthier by limiting waste, focusing on needs, and coaching individuals to be their advocate.

Benefits Training:




Benefits Dashboard

Animated Benefits Training (videos)

We train and educate companies on how to use their benefits better. Our employee-friendly communication pathways help everyone to be smarter consumers. 

What is our secret? A Quality Coach



Minimizes Cost

Enables Change

Exponential Value

How does our coach work?

  • Our behavior change specialist accelerates change by:

    • Training individuals to become their health specialist

    • Making resources and benefits easily accessible for more knowledgeable decision making

    • Working at both the group level and the individual level to promote positive changes

  • He does not care about who treats a patient, receives recognition, motivates someone, or creates a path for wellness. Instead, our coach only cares that positive outcomes occur in as many situations as possible.




Darren Swartz


Doctorate of Medicine

B.S. degree in Biopsychology


ACE Health Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Youth Fitness Specialist

  • Wellness and Benefits Website


  • Clark (animated wellness and benefits navigator)

  • Animated Training Videos

  • Population Health Solutions Liaison to Vital Incite


  • Wellness Program Coordinator 

  • Newsletters and Emails

  • Darren builds a wellness and benefits resource network. The resource network consists of phone apps, websites, newsletters, along with other promotional materials that will allow users to have better access to resources for promoting healthier lifestyles. He can promote your published literature, logos, and benefits, along with other health and wellness resources. His goal is to be able to gather valuable health and wellness resources and put them in a place that is more accessible to the users, as well as giving literature more exposure.